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Programmers: Before you turn 40, get a plan B





Doxygen-> LaTeX -> PDF using MikTex : Automatic Project Documentation

  1. Install Doxygen from URL
    1. 32 bit: http://ftp.stack.nl/pub/users/dimitri/doxygen-1.8.8.windows.bin.zip
    2. 64 bit: http://ftp.stack.nl/pub/users/dimitri/doxygen-1.8.8.windows.x64.bin.zip
  2. Install MikTex from URL http://miktex.org/download
  3. Select working directory to save/select setting file
  4. Fill Project Name
  5. Select source code directory from where documentation has to be generated
  6. Specify designation directory, where LaTeX will be stored.
  7. Click on next, select all entities.
  8. Click on next, select LaTeX and as intermediate format for PDF. Select required output HTML, LaTeX and RTF etc. For PDF LaTeX is mandatory.
  9. Clicking on next will open screen for diagram generator. Use built in class generator.
  10. Clicking on next last screen will be displayed.
  11. Click on Run doxygen button.
  12. Some message can be displayed, try to ignore.
  13. Progress will be displayed, please wait till “*** Doxygen has finished” is displayed.
  14. Open the target directory, specified in 3.d.
  15. modify the refman.tex file as per desired format like Logo on First Page, New Line, New Page etc
  16. Double click on refman.tex file from target directory.
  17. This will open MikTex editor, select XeLaTex command and click on “Green Run” button.
  18. Progress is displayed in console output.
  19. Some messages about “default to ^^91” can be ignored by hitting Enter key.

If left blank, this will default to ^^91

1^^92 P\+P\+D\+: 1 = Consu…

This will generate a pdf names refman.pdf in the destination directory. Like following is the completion message.

Output written on refman.pdf (318 pages).

SyncTeX written on refman.synctex.gz.

Transcript written on refman.log.

  1. It’s a two time compile process. 2nd time Toc is generated. Step 16 needs to be followed two times.