Conflicting extensions for PHP development have been detected: Visual Studio

So you want to dedug PHP within Visual Studio.

You went ahead and installed extension 1 PhpTools from downloaded msi “PhpTools.xxxx.msi” from visualstudiogallery.

And for complete the installation, you also installed extension 2(like I did) Vs.php from installer “php vsphp_en_xxxx_web_installer.exe downloaded from URL

Then Visual Studio throws up below exception.

Microsoft Visual Studio
Conflicting extensions for PHP development have been detected:
– VS.Php
Continuing using of Visual Studio may result in an unpredictible behaviour. To fix this issue, please uninstall conflicting extension above and restart Visual Studio.



Because both these extensions are not supported by Visual Studio at same time, as they are conflicting in nature.

Why conflicting?  Because both extensions extend same features of Visual Studio and studio is saying that configuration of extension 1 has been or may be overwritten by extension 2.

So we need to uninstall one of these to use another.


What is ryujit?

It is a code name for a new x64bit JIT compiler being developed by Microsoft.

A new, next-generation x64 JIT compiler that compiles code twice as fast is ready to change your impressions of 64-bit .NET code

The traditonal 64-bit JIT currently in .NET isn’t always fast to compile your code, meaning you have to rely on other technologies such as NGen or background JIT to achieve fast program startup.

This new JIT is twice as fast, meaning apps compiled with RyuJIT start up to 30% faster (Time spent in the JIT compiler is only one component of startup time, so the app doesn’t start twice as fast just because the JIT is twice as fast.) Moreover, the new JIT still produces great code that runs efficiently throughout the long run of a server process.