In Mongo what is the difference between sharding and replication?

Sharded Cluster

When you want to split your data of 75GB into 3 shards of 25GB each, you need at least 6 database servers organized in three replica-sets. Each replica-set consists of two servers who have the same 25GB of data.

                          Sharded Cluster             
             /                    |                       \
      Shard A                  Shard B                  Shard C
        / \                      / \                      / \
+-------+ +---------+    +-------+ +---------+    +-------+ +---------+
|Primary| |Secondary|    |Primary| |Secondary|    |Primary| |Secondary|
|  25GB |=| 25GB    |    | 25 GB |=| 25 GB   |    | 25GB  |=| 25GB    |   
+-------+ +---------+    +-------+ +---------+    +-------+ +---------+

You also need servers for the arbiters of the three replica-sets as well as the mongos router and the config server for the cluster. The arbiters are very lightweight and are only needed when a replica-set member goes down, so they can usually share the same hardware with something else. But Mongos router and config-server should be redundant and on their own servers.


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