DO’s and DON’Ts when typesetting a document

LaTeX and Miscellaneous

The following rules apply when using LaTeX2e…

  • In display math mode, use [ ... ] instead of $$ ... $$.

$$... $$ is simply obsolete.

  • Use textbf, textit instead of bf, it.

bf, it are obsolete font selection commands. Under New Font Selection Scheme (NFSS), they should be replaced with textbf, textit. One immediate difference is that {itbf blabla} will not generate the composite effect of italic shape and bold series, while textit{textbf{blabla}} indeed produces bold italic fonts.

  • Put a tilde before references or citations, e.g., Jie~cite{habit06}.

This prevents LaTeX from putting a line break between the word and the citation. Similar cases are: length~$l$, function~$f(x)$, etc.

  • Be cautious when changing the page margin and page layout.

Studies show that articles with approximately 66 characters per line are the most readable. Reading would become difficult if putting more and more…

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